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The staple Samoan foods include taro, breadfruit, bananas, coconut, fish and shellfish, chicken and pork. Spices are not heavily used and most foods are cooked in, or eaten with, coconut milk and cream. Fresh fruit is abundant and enjoyed with every meal.


Markets of Samoa provide a point of exchange where people from all over the country meet to sell a variety of goods and foods of all sorts. It is the place to go for fresh produce or to find traditional wears and precious traditional Samoan jewelleries and finearts.

Apia Flea Market
The Apia Flea Market is a treasure trove of things uniquely Samoan. You will find countless handcrafted goods that make perfect ornamental additions to your home, or make that unique gift for friends and loved ones back home. From coconut bracelets, to shark’s tooth necklaces to woven bags to huge menacing war clubs, the list is endless. The flea market is open all day and is located very close to the centre of Apia which is just less than 10mins away from Lerichousing Motel.

Apia Fish Market
If you love your fish so fresh that it was literally caught minutes ago, then this is the place to go. Head down super early to get the choice pick of the range of exotic reef and deep sea fish. The Fish Market is located adjacent to the Flea Market, and is open from 5:30am to 11:00am.There is also a New and improved fish market  just walking distances from Lerichousing Motel. Very convinent for those of you who wish to cook in the comfort of your own Lerichousing unit where you will have all the cooking needs inplace.

Apia New Market front
With just 5mins away from Lerichousing Motel is locally known as Maketi Fou. This is the main market for fresh produce. Here is where you will find anything and everything grown in Samoa. Fruits, veggies, cut flowers, cocoa, herbs, coconuts; the list goes on and on.

Samoa is well-known for its traditional wood carvings, woven bags, baskets, mats and tapa cloth. Traditional wood carvings include Kava bowls (ranging from very small to some massive pieces), walking sticks and war clubs (also ranging from miniature to very large).

Bags, baskets and mats are woven from narrow strips of dried leaves. Samoan tapa cloth (siapo) is made by pounding the bark of the mulberry tree, which is then dried and bleached by the sun and finally decorated with patterns. The patterns represent various aspects of the Samoan way of life and are usually black with shades of maroon/brown. Any of these handicrafts will make exotic additions to any home.

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